Go Sit On A Cactus


This desert like surrounding is absolutely my thing.

Even if my precious, thin laced kaftan gets tangled in the cactus thorns, even if my legs bruise from tripping on rocks (I’m bruised ALL THE TIME), even if strange (but sometimes cute), crawling creatures are always closer than I’d like.

I l-o-v-e this place. I’d pick it any day over those perfect white sand beaches with crystal clear water.

I love how raw and natural it feels and how everything is so exposed and yet so strong.

“Go sit on a cactus” has always been one of my favorite mottos afterall. 😀

Wearing a Mitos Swimwear embroidered bikini, kaftan from the Melrose Trading Post flea market, Fendi sunglasses, Asos denim shorts, leather sandals from Monastiraki (shop similar finds underneath this post)1IMG_91312IMG_9273IMG_91023 rsz_14


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