Pink Fur Sleeves

DSC02430Love love love these bat sleeves and the pink fur is just the cherry on the cake.

I can wear this sweater for ever (don’t let me) and I would easily switch to a total gym look if I could. Leggings, sweaters and sneakers (and smoothie in hand).

Exaggerated sleeves are still going strong so there’s still time to invest in bell sleeved tops and everything wide on top that catches your attention (and others’ for sure).

It’s all about the sleeves for now. 

Sweater from Zara, Asos jeans, Tsakiris Mallas leather boots

DSC02436DSC02349 DSC02354 DSC02370 DSC02373 DSC02395 DSC02407 DSC02416 DSC02417 DSC02423


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