Palm Trees in March


Genuinely happy and freshly blonde (thank you N & A Alexiou) I’m back where my heart sings.

Jet lagged af but who cares when there’s an In N Out around the corner to cure the bluest blues.

It seems like a day hasn’t gone by since I lived here (still the best decision of my life) and I’m struggling to not cry of joy.

I just want to burn my return ticket. 

Wearing F21 leggings, Reebok sneakers, H&M hat, Bershka corset, Celine sunglasses from Occhio Papavassiliou, Topshop cardigan, chokers Galleria Armadoro

(similar look underneath the post)IMG_8948IMG_8845 IMG_8858 IMG_8868 IMG_8869 IMG_8892 IMG_8918 IMG_8933 IMG_8857


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