My Workout Routine

rsz_img_9647_1 (1)img_9679ImpactA lot of you have been asking about my fitness routine.

I tend to work out more and more – summer is just around the corner after all – and I feel better than ever.

It usually goes like this: 3 times per week I work out at home with my personal trainer, doing a little bit of everything, weights, cardio, strength training and stretching. Once a week I also do a yoga session adding to that a bunch of abs exercises to make things more interesting (and less zen if you ask me). I also do ballet twice a week (and I’m in love with it).

And last but not least, I hit the treadmill 4 to 5 times a week, for 40 minutes, half an hour after waking up (on an empty stomach).

Now to the fun stuff: things that help me get more in the zone aka what to do to make this plan bearable and why not, even enjoyable!


(big big booty what you got a big booty)

It always helps updating your music library with new songs that boost your mood and make you feel pumped to work out. I love listening to Beyoncé, old and new R’n’B tracks and live concerts and switching to more acoustic songs while I progress to my stretching.

I also do podcasts which are fun cause they really make time fly. Two of my favorites are by NastyGal and Alan Watts.

*If you are too lazy to do that, there are hundreds of premade playlists for you to listen to, depending on the part of your body you’re exercising or your mood of the day. Just google it..


(that you can wear everywhere)

If this isn’t motivating enough I don’t know what is. Printed leggings, cut out crop tops, hooded sweatshirts and state of the art sneakers (that you can OBVIOUSLY wear outside the gym and look cool as f.)

My latest obsession being the Cardio Pump Fusion model by Reebok. Suitable for any kind of training, it lets you pump the inside of the shoe thus giving your foot extra support, customised for your needs.


(like milkshakes but healthy)

I’m basically starting my workout with this in mind. I always crave something sweet after basically anything that burns even 1 calorie so my signature banana chocolate smoothie is what my mind, body and soul need.

I usually mix 1 frozen banana with two teaspoons of raw cocoa, chia seeds, almond butter or tahini, coconut or almond milk, a drizzle of honey, maca or mesquite and maybe a date or two (if your bananas aren’t frozen substitute with ice cubes). Sometimes I also add oats and nuts if I know I’m gonna need extra energy throughout the day.

What do you do in order to stay fit? Drop (me a line) and give me 10.

Check out some of the exercises I do in the linked videos, more coming your way soon!

Wearing the coolest sweatshirt EVAH by The Platform, Reebok shoes, leggings found at MIKO shop, baseball cap bought in LA.









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