Your mother knew what’s good for you. And now you know, too.




No wonder why we all have memories of our mothers using NIVEA. 

Moms always know best. And not how to only care for themselves but mostly how to take care of others. Speaking of moms, mine has been passing along her beauty knowledge from day 1 and insisting I never forget to take good care of myself. Inside & out.

As I was growing up, there was always a NIVEA tin around, either in the bathroom, her bag or next to us when we were laying on the beach, not a care in the world (atleast that’s how it felt for me!). She used to slather that thick white cream all over me, come rain or shine and I think I was secretly hooked. I wanted to get sunburned so that she would apply that slightly sweet, clean smelling soft textured lotion on my skin. It felt so good!

The memories might have faded a bit but the habit stayed the same. No bag of mine is complete without the absolute necessary. That blue tin that reminds me of her around the clock “intensive care”, just like my NIVEA does when she is not around.

But even when she is, it’s not uncommon to still exchange beauty tips and showing each other our new NIVEA products, proposing she switches to the NIVEA Face Care line and she that I keep another NIVEA tin in the car. (I do mom, I do!)

As for my latest prized discovery? The NIVEA Creme Care range has me feeling like I‘m a youngling again, protected by my mother and her trustworthy beauty secret and I never want to grow up.

It only takes a minute when I open my NIVEA products to get transported to that innocent era when I was being pampered and spoiled and loved. And that’s how I feel every time I dig my fingers into that pure white buttery substance.

That’s why I love NIVEA and I will never change it. It’s like a mother-daughter

connection. The strongest there ever will be. 

As for the new NIVEA line, I put it to the test, because the more NIVEA products the better. The same skin loving ingredients but different, more targeted uses.

How did they make me love them as much?

They proved their worth at my hardest, see (or more accurately read) for yourself: 

My first attempt was when I got back from a day full of meetings and running around (mom where are you?), in the polluted big city we live and love, having put on minimal make up and a touch of powder. I felt sticky, sweaty and as if I was wearing a face mask.

As I began to try the new Creme Care Cleansing Cream Wash, hesitantly,

expecting the usual crying blindness (boys, it’s a struggle!) I quickly realised it was really fine.  After a couple of water splashes, my skin was soft and clear of any trace of make-up, dead cells and dare I say fatigue free!

Immediate call to mom to let her know how I excited I am about my discovery!

Next on was one of those long, staying out late, eating a lot and having dessert at 11 o’clock kind of days, eyes sleepy and face way different than when I got out in the morning. After a couple of midday touch ups the make up had stocked up and felt literally heavy.

Took a leap of faith and did not go to bed with my make up on. I can almost hear you clapping! (Thank you, thank you!)

Facial Cleansing Milk to the rescue!

Cotton pads plus this refreshing milky liquid (cause water doesn’t sound that good at this late hour) and everything seemed better. My old self was back! The Cleansing Milk is rich, refreshing and equally effective as the Cleansing Cream. Containing Panthenol & Eucerit, NIVEAs patented ingredient, it’s a little miracle worker that helps you get rid of all that unwanted stuff that clogs your pores. Then, it can be easily removed with a toner. So whatever works best each time!

Mom you’d love this, too! 

And for my favorite part:

Being the busy bee that I am, I spend countless hours outside my beehive, hence there is no time to properly refresh during the day. That’s why the super convenient Cleansing Wipes instantly found their place both in my car’s glove compartment and favorite everyday bag.

I have to admit I used the first damp tissue when I wanted to change my lipstick from red to vibrant pink (a girl has to do what a girl has to do!). The following ones were a rejuvenating breath of fresh air, removing my BB cream before I went to my ballet class AND after that sweaty little workout! They are super hydrating and they remove waterproof make up for the win!

I already feel better knowing that they’re always gonna be around just in case! 

Sidenote: I do keep an extra pack at home for when I’m REALLY bored to wash my face. Don’t tell anyone.

So stock ’em up!

Mom you are also getting one as soon as I see you!

Mom how can you ALWAYS be right? 

You showed me how to be naturally beautiful and I plan on sticking to your advice. 

Beautiful & clean, inside and out! 

What would I do without YOU and OUR favorite NIVEA? <3

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