It’s only L O V E.

Everywhere I go, everywhere I look, I’m honestly IN LOVE with everything and the fact that I’ve been here a million times and lived for half a year doesn’t make me less excited.

The art is powerful, the trends are blooming, the weather is awesome, the people are friendly, the food is yum, the flowers are beyond.

I wanna run around in my slippers till kingdom come.

Time PLEASE stop.

Wearing an H&M sweater and skirt, Gucci Princetown slippers, Celine sunglasses from Occhio Papavassiliou and handmade bag soon on my Tictail store

(recreate the look underneath!)

IMG_9224 IMG_9226 IMG_9252 IMG_9259 IMG_9260 IMG_9264 IMG_9293 IMG_9295 IMG_9214 IMG_9318


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