Let’s talk about fur slides


OK, so the fur slides are fashion industrys gift to women (who walk a lot at least) and womens revenge on men. Cause men obviously hate them (and I don’t really blame them).

But they are so cozy and soft and you can stroll for hours (shopping maybe?) with your feet in perfect condition and that’s a pretty rare sight for me.

You can pair them with anything really, from denim shorts to mini skirts and ideally athleisure items (that are flaming hot right now) and be sure that you will survive any occasion.

If that’s not important I don’t know what is.

Love them or still hate them?

Dress and slides Pinko, leather bag from Monastiraki, vintage earrings

(you can shop the outfit underneath this post)

IMG_2699IMG_2612 IMG_2621 IMG_2669 IMG_2682 IMG_2712IMG_2616


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