Let’s get physical


Give me  yoga mat and a charged iPhone & I can conquer the world.

No really. I’ve been obsessed with everything fitness lately -I’m sure I made that pretty clear by now- and as my yoga mats are beginning to form their own army at home I try to find new ways to work out so I don’t get bored (I get bored easily).

First and foremost is buying new workout clothes. Calzedonia Fitness has that part covered.

And then there’s music. A fresh playlist can do wonders and the louder you listen to it the better.

Sweating it out wouldn’t be worth it if there wasn’t a mouthwatering breakfast waiting for you afterwards. And by that I mean a chocolate chia pudding or an acai bowl, don’t get your hopes up for anything sugar coated.

Your gym is everywhere. Now let’s get physical. 

Total outfit Calzedonia Fitness, sneakers Reebok

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