Into the woods


So no one notices how red I become when I run.

Into the woods where the only thing distracting me from my workout is the sound of birds chirping, the wind between leaves and the occasional biker who says hello (and scars the s*t out of me).

I love being surrounded by trees, the serenity of it all, the connection to mother earth and the strength I get from being alone with myself.

And as I’ve said before, stylish workout clothes help with the whole fitness crusade, too.

Choose your plan wisely.

Pick a nice, secluded place that doesn’t get too hot from the sun, invite a workout buddy, bring your lighter weights and always carry a bottle of water to keep you hydrated and a couple of bars for an energy boost.

And wear your coolest sporty stuff to take photos. That’s mandatory.

You’re almost there. 

Total outfit Calzedonia


img_4688 img_4674 img_4665 img_4658 img_4642

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