Gone Bananas


Must be love on the brain. 

Gone bananas, not now, the very first time I visited this place that holds a very special place in my heart.

And the fact that you can go anywhere in your denim shorts just makes everything better.

It might look like I just stepped out of the bedroom – I did not – but at this point I wouldn’t mind going out in my underwear.

Everything is perfect and I want time to stop. 

Wearing an H&M kimono (bought it last year from their online shop), Levi’s shorts, fur sandals (made by my mom), Fendi sunglasses from Occhio Papavassiliou

(recreate the look with shoppable products underneath the post!)

IMG_9159 IMG_9009 IMG_9146IMG_9011 IMG_9022 IMG_9038 IMG_9099 IMG_9177 IMG_9210


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