Glitter Lips


Kiss and leave your mark everywhere. That’s the whole point anyway, right? 

I wanna be covered in glitter 24/7 (I already drink my water with a straw so no problem there) and since even my boyfriend approved this look for daytime (and I’m talking supermarket visit) I’m making it official.

Pat McGrath is a pure genius, her mesmerizing glitter kits sold out BUT you can easily recreate the look without them.

I would suggest to first scrub your lips, then use a primer and then apply a liquid lipstick depending on the glitter color you’d like to use. Then gently dab your finger in the glitter powder and transfer to your lips (it should be sticky enough to stay otherwise use a lipgloss) and for extra shine you can use a gloss on top of that (I didn’t).

The end result is gorgeous, the photos don’t do it justice … the glitter parts are reflecting the light and it’s magic.

Just make sure you keep the rest of the make up plain and simple (a light coverage and mascara are enough) or we can f*ck it and become unicorns.

Glitter Everywhere.

This should totally be a political party. 

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