Fitness Freak #1


I have become a freak.

A total, unashamed, glorious, fitness freak. With pink Nike shoes and the most stylish workout clothing but still.

I now am what I used to make fun of, the one that gets up early in the morning to run, the one that reads every word of the product label, the one who doesn’t let anyone else enjoy their junk food.

My day is not the same when I don’t hit the treadmill in the morning and not complete if I don’t stretch in the evening. I wish I had more time to fit even more exercise in my routine (pilates I’m looking at you) but I’m at the point where I see my trainer more than my boyfriend.

Thank God for good workout gear that I don’t want to take off ever!

Believe me when I say i LIVE in leggings and sport bras.

Total outfit Calzedonia

To be continued

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