Corset 101

DSC09350Corsets have always been a favorite thing of mine, for the bedroom and beyond.

Trending or not, these feminine wardrobe staples make the waist appear thinner, the upper body longer and are sexy AF. Layer them on top of vintage t-shirts or a white blouse, wear them with sweaters or just tie your denim jacket with a corset-like belt.

It will make ALL the difference.

Dita would be proud.

Wearing a vintage velour corset, H&M sweater and jeans, Ego perspex heels, Grecian Chick leather bag (recreate the look underneath the post)

DSC09377JPGDSC09305 DSC09320JPG DSC09324JPG DSC09332JPG DSC09364 DSC09375JPG DSC09380JPG DSC09381


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