Be Cool, Be Fit, Be Happy … in Andros


When Calzedonia says Press Trip we say Hell Yeah! cause everytime is better than the last!

This time it was the idyllic hotel Aegea Blue in beautiful Andros, the apparel was girly and cute (and included my personal favorites from the Calzedonia Fitness collection), our team was super fun (hint hint karaoke on the bus) and those moments; simply unforgettable.

Stunned by this view, we devoured Greek fusion delicacies, enjoyed each others company (making new friends is always a plus), did a stress relieving yoga session AND an adventurous hike in one of Andros most beautiful places. All in just 3 days.

And yes, I’m lucky enough to call this work.

Thank you Calzedonia for this memorable experience. You make us stay Fit, Cool & Happy!

Wearing Calzedonia (of course!) in stores now

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