Beach waves & smileys


I always loved the unexpected. Or more precisely the familiar but with a twist. Not a jump into the abyss but more of a cute surprise when I least expect it.

Same goes for the way I dress. In my head, chunky shoes go perfectly with a bodycon dress and high heels are better off with ripped jeans and vintage t-shirts. It’s a small step for mankind (aka YOU) but makes a hell of a difference in your style aesthetic. Forget baseball caps with leggings, their place is with long dresses and feminine two pieces.

Playing dress up requires creativity and should never be boring if done right. But most importantly it should always be fun.

Go ahead and surprise yourself then!

Wearing a ΣΟΜΦ dress, vintage coat, Fullah Sugar fringed leather boots, Αctress baseball cap, Calzedonia net tights (Scroll down for similar buys)1 rsz_img_05093 4 5

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