The beauty in the simple things


Hidden treasures in the midst of a hectic city, reminding us of the beauty in the simple things, like a walk around downtown Athens.

Dressed like I’m strolling around a Greek island and why the hell not, these white painted paved little streets and colorful houses are the closest I’ll get to a vacation destination for now and are simply too cute for words.

As long there’s a pit stop for ice cream I’m happy as a clam. 

As for the outfit, it’s super summery, attention grabbing (I got so many compliments!) and surprisingly affordable! Check it out!

Wearing these baby blue culottes, orange crop top and leather sandals from the Factory Outlet in prices that WILL wow you! 

Shop the whole outfit underneath the post (but be quick cause the stock is limited!)IMG_4571 IMG_4587 IMG_4614 IMG_4616 IMG_4638 IMG_4643 copy


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