1100 Sierra Way


1100 Sierra Way.

This is where you should set your GPS to if you wanna come face to face with the best house design there was ever conceived. Super tall palm trees reaching the ombre sky, pastel pink door, agave plants gracing the entrance. #PicturePerfect – it’s almost like the insta filter was created after this.

I wonder how the owners feel about all the people taking pictures outside their front door. And how it is inside. I’m dying to know how it’s inside!

Hopefully next time I’ll be so annoying they’ll have no choice but to invite me in for a glass of iced tea (I can be really annoying so fingers crossed).

And if this perfection of a house isn’t your style, this street has plenty of marvels to get your deco vibes going.

Palm Springs is a little design miracle oasis.

Wearing denim cut offs from the flea market, leather sandals Zara, button up long sleeve & fringed vest H&M, Crap Eyewear sunglasses

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